Jason lifting dead weight of 505lbs

EMOM of the DayNovember 13, 2014

5 muscle ups every


EMOM of the Day:October 22, 2014

20 Cal Row odd 15 24" Box Jumps For next 10 minutes 20

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EMOM of the DayOctober 21, 2014

10 minute EMOM 15

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Why I believe EMOM’s are valuable training tool!October 15, 2014

People have been doing intervals forever. Intervals have proven to be a valuable tool utilized by all different sports and fitness programs. That said, why EMOM’s, why for CrossFit? Why for me? For years I have trained in groups and also by myself. If you look at the bulk of my training its probably alone. I spend countless hours in my garage, in the gym, and t