So much of Jason's success stems from his ability to constantly move forward. The man doesn't stop. Not only has he made a name for himself within the CrossFit sector, but he has expanded his reach beyond the gym, bringing fitness and his passion for cultivating healthier lifestyles to individuals, workplaces, and hospitality.

Jason opened CrossFit Santa Clara in 2008 a month after winning the CrossFit Games. With a passion for fitness and an uncanny ability to harvest and lead a supportive community, Jason was destined for greatness. Since opening CrossFit Santa Clara, Jason has gone on to open 20 additional locations. He founded NC FIT (previously NorCal CrossFit), pioneered widespread corporate wellness programs, reinvented fitness in the hospitality sector, and changed the way people, CEOs, and athletes think about fitness.

Jason has created an environment where employees get paid to chase their passion, do what they love, and create happier, healthier communities along the way. Jason’s vision for NC FIT was to not only provide premiere coaching and programming, but curate an entire fitness experience. Gone are the days of headphones, judgmental glares at the overcrowded machines, and mirror selfies. NC FIT provides high fives, a good sweat, and top tier coaches trained to tailor each and every workout to individual athletes.



Creating this kind of gym experience proved beyond successful in NC FIT’s commercial locations. In 2013 Jason launched NC FIT’s workplace wellness program, and has since continuously changed the lives of those working in the Silicon Valley. Acquiring accounts like HGST, Twitter, and GoPro has allowed the spread of happier, healthier, fitter employees throughout an otherwise stagnant demographic.


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Throughout his years of traveling, Jason has witnessed first hand the lack of service-based fitness programs within the hospitality sector. He recognized that these fitness spaces were being heavily under utilized, thus granting Jason the perfect opportunity to use his business and fitness experience to breach an otherwise untouched sector of the fitness industry.


Providing fitness services within the corporate community has allowed Jason to approach hospitality wellness with a focused approach. Not only has hospitality wellness allowed for NC FIT's expansion overseas, but it has provided a platform for coaches to share the NC FIT fitness experience to a  widened demographic. NC FIT recently launched its newest hospitality wellness service inside the Chileno Bay Resort in Cabo San Lucas, allowing guests to maintain their fitness while staying on resort. Balance is about a good workout in the morning and margaritas under the moonlight!


After Ava’s diagnosis and spending countless hours at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Jason soon realized that not all families were as fortunate as his own.


Being the community leader that he is, Jason wanted to use his reach to help other families fighting similar battles. Jason and NC FIT teamed up with The Jessie Rees Foundation (NEGU: Never Ever Give Up), and Michael Mina to create and host a handful of benefit events.

“What can we do to help?” has been a question commonly asked throughout Ava’s battle against ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukamia). Luckily Jason and his family had many resources to help and support Ava through her treatment. Rather, Jason wanted to raise awareness, and help as many children as he could throughout this process.


Blood transfusions have saved Ava’s life on a number of occasions and The Khalipas wanted to do everything they could to give back to others in need. Jason annually hosts the largest Blood Drive not associated with a professional sports team in the Silicon Valley.


Certain restrictions limit the number of qualified donors to about 40% of the population, and of that 40% only 2-3% actually donate. Over 200 donors participated in Ava’s blood drive, and the majority of these participants were first time donors. First time donors not only build the community and raise awareness, but it also increases the odds of finding a donors with very rare blood types that could potentially save a child’s life.


Last year NC FIT teamed up with Summer Scamper, a 5k/10k annual run event benefiting Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford. NC FIT offered personalized programming by both Jason and renowned endurance coach/owner of Aerobic Capacity, Chris Hinshaw, to help athletes train accordingly and reach their goals for the run.


With over 400 NC FIT participants, Jason and his community brought the biggest turnout to the Summer Scamper by a single group, bringing pediatric cancer awareness to an all time high. Jason along with others from the fitness community continue to drive participation for this amazing event, in hopes of continuing to use fitness to spread awareness of pediatric cancer.





After spending countless hours in the hospital, Jason was constantly searching for ways of "relief" from the obstacles him and his family were facing on a daily basis. As a way to cope with these struggles Jason would load up equipment in the back of the company truck and workout in the parking lot of the hospital to blow off steam. These workouts allowed Jason to re-focus and approach the daily struggles with his family from a refreshed and positive perspective. As a true believer in the motivational power of fitness, he and Ashley thought what better way to provide relief for in-patient families then to bring fitness to them?


The Ava Strong Program just recently launched at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, providing onsite yoga for in-patient families. These sessions allow families to come in and take a moment to reflect and breath. The hope is that it revitalizes their strength and perseverance of the hard times ahead. When Jason approached the staff with this idea, Jules Bautista, one of NC FIT's amazing yoga teachers, jumped at the opportunity to graciously volunteer her time to help provide these families relief.


When families are battling pediatric cancer it can be easy to sometimes lose hope or feel as if you have no control of the situation. Ashley and Jason refused to believe this and focused on what they could control.


Nutrition is a game changer in any wellness endeavor. When Ashley, Jason’s wife, knew she could make a difference in not only Ava’s recovery, but inspire families fighting similar battles to do the same, she jumped at the opportunity. Ava’s Kitchen began on social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) where Ashley would share easy-to-make, nutritious recipes and meals that she prepared for Ava and her family. With over 10,000 followers, Ashley has exceeded expectations of delivering nutritious meal inspiration to families worldwide.





Ashley wanted to make a bigger impact and wanted to create a benefit that was not only a great experience for guests but could raise a lot of money. Ashley paired up with good friend Michael Mina to provide the ultimate dining experience. The benefit highlighted four premiere chefs: Michael Mina, Ayesha Curry, Adam Sobel, and Mourad Lahlou. They each created a separate course to deliver a curated and extraordinary dining experience.


In addition to the four-course meal, diners were invited to participate in a live auction. The auction prizes ranged from Fox Studio Tours with New Girl’s favorite Max Greenfield to VIP tickets to the Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry meet and greet to follow.


Ava’s Kitchen Benefit powered by MINA raised over $200,000.00 for the Jessie Rees Foundation (NEGU) helping spread joy and happiness to pediatric cancer patients around the world.


Ashley looks forward to making this an annual event and is excited to see what next year will bring.


Jason has paired up with Jarrett "JP" Perelmutter from Brick Fitness to provide non-profit, business building seminars to gym owners and operators across the globe. Though their fitness industry journeys have been different, Jason and JP share the same mission and are a testament to the success that can be created from relentlessly chasing one’s passion. Because of their different stories, Jason and JP can relate to a widespread demographic of fitness industry entrepreneurs, and provide valuable insight to business owners.


All proceeds from Box to Business are sent to The Jessie Rees Foundation (NEGU: Never Ever Give Up), and have raised over $100,000.00.



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